The Little Mountaineers on the Moon

With our outdoor equipment rental service and, among other things,bivouac equipment for rent, we are used to group rental inquiries for shipments. However, this is not the case with explorations! The difference ? The goal of exploration is a particular discovery! We take you behind the scenes of a bivouac equipment rental a bit special, on the Moon… or almost!

Rental of bivouac equipment for groups

Les Petits Montagnards offer individuals and professionals the outdoor equipment rental, for the winter sports, the Trek, the bivouac, the camping and the bikepacking. We equip groups from 7 people for their outdoor activities on the occasion ofprofessional events, in general corporate meetings, team building, seminars etc We also support event agencies organizing events in nature and in the mountains over there rental of tents, mattresses, duvets, etc, to speak here only of the bivouac. From now on, we are even associated with your most surprising events, such as the Asclepios III Mission!

A rental of bivouac equipment for the Asclepios III mission

Asclepios, a student association for space sciences

Asclepius aims to be a research platform for scientists wishing to test their protocols via the association's call for projects. Each year, Asclepios conducts an annual project, aimed at scientific students, engineers, space science enthusiasts, allowing them to learn and concretely apply their knowledge of the space field. Asclepios is an independent association run by EPFL students and supervised by the eSpace space laboratory at EPFL.

The analogous Asclepios III Mission

This international student project trains a dozen or so young analog astronauts in the future of space exploration, chosen during a long process of selective recruitment by professionals in this specialized industry. Scientific projects and tests are carried out during analog missions, taking place on earth in conditions similar to those of a space base on the Moon or Mars. Asclepios claims a learning-by-doing approach, so during the similar mission that will take place in an isolated base in July 2023, 6 students will have to carry out scientific experiments proposed by laboratories around the world. Each year, the analog mission focuses on a particular subject of life in space. 2023 is dedicated to space medicine.

Rental bivouac equipment for an extreme training camp

From February 7 to 11, 2023, the students participated in an extreme environment training course for which Les Petits Montagnards rented bivouac equipment. The objective of this scenario, to reproduce the conditions of a space expedition to the Moon, is to determine which of them will be the most able to resist the pressure and therefore to win their place within the base to the similar mission of July 2023. Thus prepared, the 6 roles of the students will be determined, from the base manager to the scientific and medical manager.

During the course of 4 days and 4 nights, their resistance to cold, dehydration, lack of sleep will be tested through scenarios and individual and collective activities. The small group will be accompanied by explorer Alban Michon for ice diving, himself in the process of organizing a similar mission under ice, named Biodysseus and which will take place aboard “the first oceanographic and space underwater research base dedicated to science and technology”.

So, of course Les Petits Montagnards are not yet leaving for the Moon, but we are doing everything to offer you the best of outdoor rental !

Photos by ©Timon Bachman

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