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Prepare your bivouac well, the importance of sleeping ...

As you will have understood, the success of a successful expedition lies in large part in the choice of the selected bivouac equipment. During a trek, recovering well during the night is absolutely essential. Inflatable mattress or self-inflating mattress, inflatable pillow ? Sleeping bag warm and comfortable? Making the right choice is essential for balmy nights and a successful bivouac. As usual at Les Petits Montagnards, we have taken the greatest care in choosing the products we offer to ensure you have an optimal experience.

Here is an overview of the options available to you:

Inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

a comfortable bivouac bed is essential but it is not the only parameter to take into account! Because this material must be transported to the bivouac site during your hikes ... You therefore need a product that combines comfort and reduced bulk.

We have selected for you two quality rental products that will meet these needs. the Sea To Summit self-inflating mattress emphasizes all-round comfort thanks to the Air + Foam combination. It is the bivouac mattress par excellence if you want to focus on comfort. Despite everything, it keeps a very reasonable size.

If your main criterion is minimum space, it is towards the Sea To Summit inflatable mattress that we advise you to turn. This light and compact bivouac mattress will be easily forgotten during your hikes.

Rent a premium inflatable pillow, the little extra that makes the difference

For many, bivouac rhymes with discomfort and minimalism. In principle, this is true, but the most major brands of mountain equipment constantly strive to develop new technical products adapted to the practice of hiking or trekking. Thus, these advances make it possible to gain considerably in comfort while remaining minimalist and practical.

It's still at the mark Sea To Summit that we have chosen to trust to select this accessory that will bring you an extra touch of comfort! The pillow Eros Premium from Sea To Summit is there to complete our offer of bivouac mattress for hire for a complete quality bed.

So why deprive yourself of it?


The sleeping bag, the essential for a successful bivouac!

Gone are the days of bulky and heavy sleeping bags, the efficiency of which was not always there. Today, there are comfortable and compact duvets that make the bivouac experience more pleasant than ever.

The sleeping bags we offer for rent embody technology and advancement. We have chosen once again to use the brand Sea To Summit, but not only. It's the legendary brand Millet that we have also trusted to bring you the very best in sleeping bags for bivouac.

Millet sleeping bag Light Down 5, Millet Light Down 0 or Sea To Summit Treeline Tl, choose from these three duvets available for rent according to your needs.

Why Rent a Bivouac bed?

We never repeat it enough, at Les Petits Montagnards, we pay the greatest attention to the quality of mountain products that we offer you for hire. But it's no secret that quality comes at a price. That's why rent your bivouac mattress and his sleeping bag is the perfect solution to access high quality material without breaking the bank. Rent a Millet down or one Sea To Summit mattress averages between 5 and 10 times cheaper than a purchase.

So why not indulge yourself with high-end equipment without digging a hole in your budget? And for that, the rental of sleeping bag and bivouac mattress is made for that.

Even smarter, think about the bivouac packs!

To go further, we suggest you integrate your sleeping bags and mattress Has full packs. This choice is even more economical and has the advantage of offering you a complete offer with all the essentials of bivouac equipment. You will find everything you need for your hikes and treks.

Also remember to take a look at our offer of hiking boots and hiking bags !


Sleeping bag and bivouac mat rental: A simple, fast and eco-responsible service

Rent his bivouac sleeping, it is also an approach economical and eco-responsible. Do not clutter your garage with equipment that you only take out once a year. Stay on the cutting edge and treat yourself to the best of mountain equipment on each shipment. Save money while registering this choice in a eco-citizen approach !

And, in addition to having access to quality equipment, take advantage of the free delivery throughout France in just 24 hours. The return is offered and the transport of your material is provided by the carrier Chronopost. Depending on the rental period chosen, benefit from decreasing rates for your bivouac equipment for hire.

And to find out more about the bivouac:

We wrote an article presenting the 5 golden rules of Bivouac on our blog.

If you want to collect tips and advice before preparing your Bivouac, do not hesitate to go and have a look!

You don't know which bivouac mattress or down Choose ? Do not panic, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions. The Petits Montagnards team will be happy to provide its expertise to guide you in all your choices and enlighten you on our rental offers.

The mountain is waiting for you?

What could be more precious than a sunrise in the middle of the Bauges massif, the Southern Alps or the Jura ? Do not hesitate and try the experience. 

At the Les Petits Montagnards, we are passionate about outdoor activities and practice the bivouac as soon as possible. We test for you all the equipment we offer for hire in order to be sure of the quality of our offer. Our inflatable mattresses and self-inflating Sea To Summit and our Millet duvets, we know them well.

And believe us, the sleeping bag and bivouac mattress rental means adopting them! So it's up to you!