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Rent your Bikepacking equipment. But what is Bikepacking?

The bikepacking it is a growing practice that consists of vtraveling by bike by carrying everything necessary on his mount. Major brands such as Zefal have developed a whole range of products allowing you to optimize your cycling trips and to carry all the necessary essentials for the practice of touring bikes: rear pannier, handlebar bag, luggage rack, backpack...
And like at Les Petits Montagnards, it is important to us to always offer you new opportunities to go on an adventure, we offer you rent bikepacking equipment through a wide range of products from major brands (Zéfal, Millet, Sea to summit, MSR, etc.)
Whether you are going around the world in gravel, a mountain bike road trip or just on a bikepacking discovery weekend, you are bound to find what you need.

Why rent your bicycle travel equipment? 

We keep repeating it, but outdoor activities are rather demanding in terms of equipment. It is about the comfort but also the safety of each practitioner. The problem with quality material is that it comes at a price. The Petits Montagnards offer is the best way to access bikepacking equipment at a lower price, without breaking the bank.
Bikepacking equipment rental it is the time to travel by bike while keeping control of your budget. And as usual, we have thought of everything. We offer you customizable bikepacking packs to meet all your needs.
Do not hesitate to browse our different packs: bikepacking bivy, bikepacking light, MSR bikepacking package… You will inevitably find a shoe that suits you!

Zéfal, a safe bet for touring bikes!

In order to offer you the best experience of bikepacking possible, we have chosen to trust the brand Zefal. This historic brand has been present for more than 140 years in the bicycle accessories market. Composed of true enthusiasts, the brand shares strong values that seem essential to us among the Petits Montagnards, namely: Quality, innovation, sustainability.
French know-how is no longer to be presented in terms of bicycle equipment. Rent a Zefal bag, a Zefal handlebar bag or even a universal luggage rack, is to ensure trouble-free cycling trips!
To go a little further, do not hesitate to visit them: www.zefal.com/en/

Renting Bikepacking equipment is also an eco-responsible gesture

To take advantage of our magnificent natural spaces, we still have to preserve them. Rent your bicycle luggage, in addition to being economical, is an eco-responsible gesture. This other way of consuming is a great alternative to industrial waste in addition to being an excellent way to free up space in your garages.
Instead of buying bikepacking equipment cheap, not very durable and therefore more polluting, renting provides access to equipment that will always be in good condition and of high quality. Icing on the cake, the bike trip is a great alternative to car trips and other public transport.

So, you like it ?

a gravel carry bag ? one smtb handlebar bag or one vtc luggage rack ? Whatever your project and the way you want to practice bikepacking, we have what you need.
Finally, it is difficult to talk about bikepacking without addressing the subject of sleeping and bivouac. Know that we have thought of everything! Do not hesitate to browse our offers of MSR bikepacking packs which include quality bivouac tents as well as all the essential accessories for a successful adventure.

In summary, you can rent your bikepacking equipment, rent a bivouac tent and for the more adventurous, you can even rent bushcraft material

You just have to choose!