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Bikepacking Equipment Rental

In Les Petits Montagnards, we also love to do bike rides. So why not suggest to Rental all the equipment for the bikepacking ?

You could already to rent your bivouac tent, your mattress, your sleeping bag…. Then what else to take with BikePacking? In many ways the equipment for bike packing does not really differ from the equipment for touring /Trekking. We adapt it to the characteristics of cycle tourism: Bye bye the backpack, Welcome the satchel, the handlebar bag, the luggage rack !

You will find all our carrying equipment in the category " Portage Bikepacking ". We have selected different elements that will adapt perfectly to your bike, whether it is a Gravel, a full suspension mountain bike or more simply a road bike.

Bikepacking: what element to transport the equipment?

It's simple, that you go for a weekend in Ardèche, go around the Brittany, bikepacker in Corsica or make a bike trip in the passes of Alps. You have to transport your equipment. Even though it is minimalist and ultra light, you need to storage capacity.

On a cycle, there isn't a plethora of place to hang a bag.

The front: we offer for rent a handlebar bag ZEFAL which adapts to any type of bike. The handlebar bag can carry up to 4 kilos of equipment, Bikepacking or put the tent? One of the solutions is to hang a attempted of Bivouac at the level of the handlebars. Moreover, among our many ultralight tents, the MSR HUBBA NX and HUBBA HUBBA NX are particularly suited to the activity of Bikepacking.

Between : Frame bags are particularly useful for road bikes and gravel. A little less suited to Mountain biking (this is our very personal opinion)

In back: for the rear, we offer 2 types of equipment for hire:

The saddle bag, very practical, especially for mountain bikes, it does not require any tool to install it. The model we rent is the saddle bag ZEFAL Z Adventure R17. Huge with a storage capacity of 17 liters and 5 kg, you can transport everything you need for your romantic bivouac with your bike!

The other option that we offer for rent is the combo luggage rack and satchel. Again, why look elsewhere when ZEFAL Emblematic French brand of bicycle equipment and accessories offers products of TOP quality!!

Bikepacking ... like Bivouac:

For the bikepackers who are planning a trip to Auvergne, Jura or the Basque Country, you need a sacred equipment ! Ultra light, minimalist among our selection, here's a little list for the perfect bikepacker:

  • Attempted
  • Mattress
  • Sleeping bag
  • Meat bag,
  • Pillow,
  • Stove,
  • Meal, ...

Special cyclo rando bivouac tents:

We offer tents for hire specially planned for Bikepacking: the famous and iconicMSR HUBBA NX  (1 place) and his big sister HUBBA HUBBA NX for 2 people: ultralight , ultra compact, they are really perfect to be transported on a bicycle

Inflatable mattress:

At Les Petits Montagnards, you can rent any type of mattress: as well inflatable thatself-inflating selected from the best brands such as Sea To Sumit. Weight and dimension side, the mattresses inflatables are best suited. If you want to focus on comfort and robustness, self-inflating mattresses are perfect. In addition, their dimensions remain quite correct.

Sleeping bag for Bike packing.

Here, no worries about size or weight, the sleeping bags that we offer for hire are among the best on the market. We work with Millet, A flagship brand in the mountaineering world. Designing quality and efficient products is really not a problem for them. To choose the right sleeping bag: to verify the comfort temperatures bags and ensure that they correspond to the temperatures you will encounter during your bike trip.

Good news!!! All the sleeping bags you can to rent at Les Petits Montagnards are supplied with a sack sheet.

The pillow, the comfort touch:

In Les Petits Montagnards, we like to get away from it all, whether by bike or on foot, but we like it even more our little comfort. This is why we have selected superb pillows which once folded will be forgotten.

For the kitchen, we also rent:

The list would be too long, but know that you will be able to find everything you need to be able to to cook like a 3 star chef during your bivouacs under the Milky Way. Meals, casserole, stove, jetboil,…. the choice is bloated!.

You will have understood it in this category, dedicated to rental of bikepacking equipment you can find all your happiness. Whether for carrying with our saddlebags, our luggage racks or handlebar bags or whether for the Bivouac part.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us contact, our consulting teams are there to guide you on the product that suits you best.