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Our Pack Bike Packing BIVY is specially designed for cyclists who do not need a tent. The basic element is a Bivy Bag from home Millet:

The carrying elements come from the Brands  ORTLIEB and ZEFAL , recognized worldwide for the high quality of their products.

They have been selected to be fitted to 99,99% bikes.

The pack is customizable (up to 2 people), just add the items you need from the many options:

  • Handlebar bags
  • Luggage rack and satchel
  • Self-inflating / Inflatable mattress
  • Pillows
  • Sleeping bags
  • Stove & Meals
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Hydration

For more information on the products, click on the icon during selection.

Note: Sleeping bags are provided with sheets (meat bag). The stove without gas cartridge (EN 417 standard)

Pierre's opinion: “This pack is dedicated to cyclists who do not need a tent. In addition it is 100% customizable!



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** Based on an 8-day rental 

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Bivy Bag (sursac de couchage) - MILLET -

3.75 € / day **

Sacoche de Selle 16,5 L - ORTLIEB -

5.6 € / day **

Sac de guidon 15 L - ORTLIEB -

€4.80 / day **

2 x sacoche de fourche 6 L - ZEFAL -

€4.78 / day **

Sacoche de cadre 4 L - ORTLIEB -

4 € / day **

Sacoche de cadre + Porte-téléphone

€ 1.50 / day **

Porte bagage Universel

3 € / day **

Sacoche arrière 20 L

3 € / day **

Sacoche arrière 32 L

4 € / day **

Sac à dos Hydratation

3 € / day **

Matelas auto-gonflable

€ 4.25 / day **

Matelas gonflable

€ 4.75 / day **

Oreiller Premium

€ 2.25 / day **

Sac de couchage

€ 4.50 / day **

Lampe frontale

1 € / day **

Panneau Solaire 6,5 W - Solar Brother -

3.75 € / day **

Panneau Solaire 16 W - Solar Brother -

€6.62 / day **

Lampe - Batterie USB 10'000mA - Solar Brother -

3 € / day **

Kit Réchaud & Popote

3 € / day **

Poële - Faitout

3.15 € / day **

Réservoir eau

1 € / day **

Cuisine étanche

1 € / day **

Paille filtrante

1 € / day **


Thanks to the Tranquility Guarantee, you are covered for small daily repairable damage (stains, slight tears, ...) This guarantee does not cover the destruction, irreversible damage or loss / theft of the rented item.


A doubt about the destination? on the dates? Thanks to the Cancellation Guarantee, you can cancel your rental free of charge up to 24 hours before the shipment of your order.

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BIVY bikepacking pack

Travel Bike and Bikepacking Accessories Rental

Thanks to this pack, you will have the minimalist equipment to travel around Brittany, the hinterland of Nice, go around Corsica, escape on the paths of Saint Jacques de Compostela,...

In short, go serene, enjoy !!


The brands we have selected are recognized for the quality of their products.

MILLET for the Bivvy bag

ORTLIEB and ZEFAL for bike carrying,

Millet, Sea To Summit  for sleeping bags, hiking backpack, hiking shoes

MSR, Sea To Summit for mattresses, pillows, bag sheets, sleeping bags, meals,

JetBoil, Degre 360 and MSR for stoves.

All of our products are checked, cleaned and disinfected with the greatest care after each rental.

Your comfort and safety is our priority.


This is a sleeping bag for sleeping under the stars:

  • It protects against weather conditions thanks to the waterproof (10,000mm) and breathable DRYEDGE fabric.
  • It is extremely light and very compact.

Choice of sleeping bags:

The different characteristics:

Types of insulation:
  • Down: light, compact, better insulation
  • Synthetic: resistant, good insulation even when wet, easy maintenance


Operating temperature:

There are 3 types of temperature indicated:

  • Comfort temperature: It corresponds to the temperature of use, without being cold, with optimal comfort
  • Comfort limit temperature: corresponds to the temperatures that one can withstand while being curled up.
  • Extreme temperature: really corresponds to the temperature limit of use, to extreme conditions. Beyond that, the risk of hypothermia is very high.


the weight of a sleeping bag is an important consideration when it comes to backpacking/trekking. Indeed a few hundred grams can make a huge difference on a long and tiring journey.

Choice of mattresses:

The different characteristics:

Different types of design:
  • Self-inflating: Quick installation, comfortable, insulation
  • Inflatable: light, compact,

The thickness is an important element to take into account for comfort. The greater the thickness, the greater the comfort. The disadvantage, especially for self-inflating mattresses, the thickness has an impact on the weight of the mattress.

Insulation index:

The insulation index is measured with the value of R-Value: the greater the value, the greater the insulation (in relation to the cold coming from the ground).


The mattresses come in several shapes: rectangular, sarcophagus, .. it is a rather personal choice but as a general rule, the more the shape matches the shape of the body (sarcophagus, the lower the weight, the more the comfort will depend how you sleep (whether you move a lot or not)


the weight of a mattress is an important consideration when it comes to hiking/trekking.

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