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The ZEFAL 6 Liter fork bag pair adapts to almost all bikes thanks to its adjustable fasteners.

The Z Adventure Fork Pack can be mounted on all types of forks, with or without threaded inserts.

They offer a superb carrying capacity (2 x 6 liters and 2 x 2.5 kg): Ideal for clothes or bivouac equipment.

Perfectly waterproof thanks to its waterproof fabric and welded seams.

Flo's review: “I really like the concept of a fork bag adaptable to all bikes. This offers a very large additional storage volume.

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2 ZEFAL 6 LITERS fork bags

Zefal fork bags are installed on 99% bicycles whose diameter varies between 16 to 36 mm without or with tapped studs. The bag is held by 3 hook-and-loop straps.

They can store up to 2.5 kg each or 5 kg for the whole.

Perfectly waterproof, your belongings will stay dry.



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Z Adventure Fork Pack