10,000mA External Battery Lantern Rental

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The SunSun lantern from Solar Brother (French Startup recognized for its solar products) is both a 10,000mAh USB battery and a powerful 200 lumen LED lantern

It is both compact and waterproof (IP-IP67) which makes it the perfect companion for going outdoors.

It perfectly complements the solar panels rented separately: charging during the day, it will restore power in the evening to light you up and recharge your devices.

The power returned is 1300mA, it provides an energy production 25 to 35 % more powerful than conventional cells.


Pierre's opinion: “Perfect complement to solar panels, I'm no longer afraid of losing my GPS track!



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Rental Lantern and Sun Sun 10,000 mA battery from Solar Brother

Ideal for all outdoor outings, it attaches using carabiners to your bike, backpack, kayak. It is the perfect complement to solar panels

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20 x 9 x 3cm