The 5 golden rules of the Bivouac!

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Who has never dreamed of waking up in the middle of nature in a postcard setting, alone facing a sunrise? Good news, this dream is accessible to all and it has a name: the bivouac. But, so that it does not turn into a nightmare, we offer you the 5 golden rules to respect so that the magic operates up to your expectations! 

Rule n ° 1: Choose the right place to bivouac

Before you embark on the great adventure, find out where you want to set up your bivouac. In France legally, there is no difference between bivouac and wild camping. And the rule is simple: it is allowed to camp wherever it is not forbidden! But beware, in France there are many places subject to restrictions, especially in national parks. So take the trouble to inform yourself well before departure, this will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Study the rules of the area in which you will set up: are fires authorized, distance from roads and paths, times when the tent can be set up, proximity to a refuge ... Be careful not to set up your camp too close to the herds or rivers liable to overflow in the event of strong thunderstorms.

Once all the markers are green for the location of your choice, look at the weather conditions. We can never say it enough, especially in the mountains, the weather can sometimes be capricious. Anticipate all the scenarios well to prepare your equipment accordingly and not be surprised. Which brings us to the second golden rule.

Rule n ° 2: The material, the sinews of war ...

Millet 30L hiking backpack rental Backpack

It will be your real traveling companion. It is thanks to him that you will bring all the necessary equipment to the Bivouac. It will be on your back most of the day. It is therefore essential to choose it well. At Les Petits Montagnards, we have decided to trust the Millet brand once again. We offer high quality bags that will bring you comfort and technicality for your adventures. Depending on your needs, we offer a 30L and a 50L version. 


This is another element Rental hiking tent 6 people Marmot LIMESTONE 6Pdetermining ! Its weight and capacity are to be defined according to your objectives. Note that the additional half-place will be appreciated to store your bag and your equipment. It will be necessary to master the art of dosage to choose the best space / practicality compromise. And to support you in this task, we have a whole range of tents specially designed for the practice of Bivouac. You are spoiled for choice!


Two elements make up the bed of a bivouac and one does not without the other! First of all the sleeping bag which must keep warm without weighing too much for transport. For that, we call once again on Millet and their ultralight bags. We also offer models of the Sea to Summit brand.

And you don't have a good night's sleep without a suitable mattress. Simple and practical, our self-inflating mattresses are the ideal product for a successful night!

The accessories

Headlamps, stoves, meals… These are all essential elements for life on the Bivouac. This type of accessory should not be neglected, the absence of which could turn your evening on the camp into a real hassle. 

And as we are nice at Les Petits Montagnards, we offer you ready-made packs!

Rule n ° 3: Do a complete check of your equipment before departure

It may seemer trivial but always check your equipment before departure. Make sure you know how to pitch your tent. Some take the trouble to set it up at their home so as not to have any surprises on D-Day. Night can fall quickly and there is nothing worse than pitching a tent in the dark? Also take the time to check your knowledge of the use of stoves and other lamps. Take a full inventory. It would be a shame to have forgotten a headlamp after dark or your stove at snack time.

Rule n ° 4: Prepare your camp well

You are now equipped like a pro. You have started your journey and the end of the afternoon is just around the corner. It's time to set up camp. Once you have spotted the ideal location, it remains to settle down properly. Here are some tips for successfully completing this step:

  • Plan wide, do not wait until nightfall to settle in
  • Clear the space and clear the ground of stones, branches and other blunt objects before setting up your tent
  • In case of threatening sky or rain, dig a small ditch around the tent
  •  If the regulations allow it, choose an area sheltered from the wind and dig a small hole to accommodate your campfire.
  • Keep in mind that fires have an impact on the landscape, keep yourself to the bare minimum!

Rule # 5: Leave no traces!

This is probably one of the most important points when it comes to bivouacs. No excuses, if you've managed to get your supply all the way here, you can bring it back. Before you depart from the stopping place, do a thorough inspection of the surrounding area to make sure you are leaving no traces. 

Our traces are not limited only to our garbage and waste. You are surrounded by nature, know how to be discreet and blend into the landscape. Avoid disturbing the local fauna and respect the flora!

In conclusion, keep these few rules in mind before setting off on your journey to make the most of the experience! Enjoy !!

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