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Do the outfit are clean and in good condition?


All outfits and equipments are cleaned and disinfected between each rental. They are also repaired if necessary. A pre- and post-rental review is done systematically.



Do I have to clean the clothes before I return them?

No need to clean clothes or equipment before returning them.


Once received, we check them and take care of hygiene so that each outfit or equipment is ready for the next rental.

Cleaning and disinfection are included in the price we offer.




How can I be sure of the quality of the products?


The outfits are purchased new and exclusively reserved for rent.

We only rent outfits and equipment in very good condition. Rented items that do not comply with our specifications are immediately downgraded.




How long can I rent an outfit?


Rentals are for a minimum of 3 days.


If you want to rent for less than 3 days, contact us




When do I get my package?


When you place an order, you indicate the date "STARTING DATE", the receipt of the parcel will be  24 hours before that date.


For example, if your rental start date is a Saturday, you will receive your package on Friday.


If the rental starts on Monday, delivery will be on Saturday.




When do I have to return the package?


Items must be deposited at the post office or at the hotel reception the next morning (11am) no later than after the "END DATE" date provided at the time of the order.

If the D-1 falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the return must be made the next day.

If this deadline is not met, late penalties may be withheld on your deposit.




What if the size is not suitable?


To make sure you order the right size, you'll find in the product sheet a size guide with measurements for each size. If in doubt it is best to contact us or take the larger size.


Contact by email ( or live chat with the following information:

- My size (cm)

- My weight (kg)

- My measurements (chest , waist , hip ) in cm

- The size and brand of my favorite clothes.


If nevertheless, by receiving the outfit, the size is not suitable. We must report it to us immediately by e-mail and return the outfit within 24 hours of receipt.

We can also return a new outfit within the same price range based on the available stocks, we'll ask for a 15 euro contribution for outstanding management and transport costs.




What if I notice a defect on the outfit received?


When you receive the outfit, we will have already checked it and made an update.


A copy of the card with our findings is attached to the package.


We advise you to check the outfit and report us if you do not agree as soon as you receive the,by attaching photos.


If you agree with our state of affairs, enjoy your holiday! At the end of the stay, you fill out the status sheet by mentioning any damage to the clothes or SAR if there is nothing to report. You'll need to attach the card to your return package.




What happens if I damage the outfit?


At any time, you can report it to us by email to the


Then, it must first be reported in the status sheet and attached to the return package.


At reception, we check the equipment and estimate the cost of repairs. This cost will be communicated to you.


A deduction will be made on the deposit depending on the size of the repairs.




What if I am late to return the package?


We are lagging behind the day the package was returned. You are in no way responsible for a delay due to transport.


If you have a problem dropping off the package on the day set in the order, contact us at the We will work together to see how to deal with the situation.


Without news from you and if you do not drop off the parcel the morning after your last day of rental, we withhold a penalty of EUR 15 per day of delay.



What are the delivery options?


The various delivery options are offered when ordering.

- Relay point delivery is free of charge.

- Delivery to your home or holiday address is charged 6 euros (mini) and the return must be made in Point Relais Chronopost of your choice.

- Delivery and collection back to your home or holiday address is charged 10 euros (mini).


- Express delivery (24 hours) and collection back to your home or holiday address is charged 15 euros (mini).




Where do you deliver?


Pre-departure delivery

We can deliver to you or to the Chronopost relay point of your choice.

We also deliver to Belgium for a modest participation.


Delivery to stations:

Many ski resorts have shopping relay points.


We can also deliver to your hotel or hotel residence, if it has a reception.


Other Delivery:

For any further requests, please contact us by email.



How can I pay for my order?


You can pay for your order by credit card or Paypal.

Payment and cashing will be made at the time of booking.



Why do you need my bank details?


We offer to rent clothes belonging to Les Petits Montagnards and of value. Keeping a fingerprint on your card serves as a guarantee to make a deposit, in case the terms of the loan are not met (delay, significant damage, no return).


The amount is not deducted but we do an audit via a pre-authorization request. At no time do we have your bank details that are fully processed by Swikly or our payment provider Paygreen.



Can I cancel my order?


The Tenant can cancel an order up to 15 days before the scheduled delivery date of the material by THE MONTAGNARDS. In this case, the amount of the order will be refunded.


In the event of cancellation between 15 days and 8 days before the scheduled delivery date of the equipment by THE MONTAGNARDS PETITS, a cancellation fee of 15 euros per rented equipment applies. .

In the event of cancellation less than a week before the site's planned shipment date,  the entire amount of the order will remain acquired by THE MONTAGNARDS PETITS.



For any other question?

Contact us  or +33 if you have any questions.


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